Friday, December 9, 2011

Some Misadventures

So, right now our adventures include, Carter slamming Kaely's fingers in the door, Kendra throwing Carter's beloved bear in the garabage and holding the door shut so he couldn't get in, Kendra and Carter getting into the cough drops and consuming the whole bag, Kendra winding yarn around her finger till it turned blue and then discovering she couldn't get it off ( thank God for fiskers), Kendra getting into my eyeliner and coloring in her eyebrows (see picture), Carter splintering a glass train ornament all over the living room. Kaely climbing up the bench and getting stuck between the the back of the bench and the wall....was she mad! And some how amidst the hubbub, I've been "trying" to pack up the kids for an overnight visit to the cities tonight. So despite the rough start, we WILL have fun christmas caroling with all the relatives tonight! Kendra loves to ask people if they believe in Santa Clause and then she tells them that we celebrate Jesus instead "cuz He's real". It's slightly awkward, but I love her honesty. =D


  1. Oh please tell me this didn't happen all in the same week?! If you say it happened in the last 24 hours or even 48 hours... oh my! I'm glad you seem to have an upbeat attitude about it. :) Have a wonderful time caroling, hopefully it's not too bitterly cold.

  2. Isn't being a stay-at-home mom boring and unfulfilling? :)

  3. Oh, it was the same week and mostly the same day, but in all honesty, I did not handle it well. Wednesday night I stayed home from meeting bawling, because I was so frusterated. We sat down and had a long talk, which seemed to help.
    Jessi, Yes, I have to say I feel like I am missing out as a S.A.H. mom...nothing ever happens. I think I need more action!haha NOT.