Friday, December 5, 2014

Greetings, friends and family;
    It’s hard to believe another year is passed. We are still living in a rental on the west  hill of Chippewa Falls, and I have to say that we have really been enjoying this neighborhood. Living right across from a small playground is nice as well. We still plan on building at some point in the future, Lord willing, but some things need to happen first. We have been enjoying some new things in  home schooling. It’s been fun working with the kids in learning about the world; its countries and geography. Kendra is enjoying 3rd grade, except for math. She’s been enjoying reading lots of new books, learning about missionaries, cooking, learning housework, running, art, and many more interests. I wish we had time for more. 8 years old is such a fun age. We like playing Dutch Blitz in the evenings sometimes after the younger kids go to bed.  Kendra loves the personal time and attention. =)
    Carter is learning to read better all the time. He loves learning about space, science, and  especially how things work. motors, machinery, gears, pulleys…etc.. He loves building his own concoctions and we find strange things tied together and odd setups all over the house. Maybe he’ll be a carpenter like his dad, and put houses together, or a car mechanic or something. Carter has been very interested in Bible stories and learning about God as well. We have had lots of good discussions. Sometimes his thoughts amaze me. I love how he thinks everything through so much.
     Kaely is developing much more personality. She loves dresses, and stories and snuggling, snow, pancakes, and doing “school” (toddler games). She also gets her feathers ruffled very easily.  She is going through a major “daddy’s girl” stage. While she’s too young to go “hunting”, like Kendra and Carter, she loves riding with him on errands.
    I’ve been busy with home schooling,  and a side business/hobby of doing custom sketching for people.  I‘ve been enjoying the home school group and a Tuesday morning mom’s group I go to. It’s been so nice to be able to get out and be more involved. I also like planning random field trips with the kids, sometimes with friends. I don’t know who has more fun, the kids or myself.
    Cory built and sold his first spec house this last year. That was a new endeavor that we weren’t sure how it would go, but he enjoyed it and will probably be doing some more of that in the future. He also went elk hunting and got his first elk. That was a pretty cool experience. He’s got some nice antlers to show for it, and even two ivory teeth. We never knew before that elk have two ivory teeth.  That was interesting.
    A lot of our siblings have gotten married and moved away. We miss them a lot, abut it’s been nice to get together with them on the holidays. One thing about living far away, is that you learn to make your time together count. We are also thankful for all our family and friends that live near by. Not something to take for granted.
    We are thankful for all the blessings of God in our lives and for the personal interest he takes in each  of the people He has created. We don’t  know what He will do, looking ahead, but it’s neat to look back and see all the ways He has touched out lives, starting with the sacrifice His some Jesus made for us so that we could  be forgiven our sins and have access to God and life in Him. That is the greatest gift that we enjoy celebrating this time of year.
    Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season,
    ~Cory, Anna, Kendra, Carter, and Kaely