Thursday, August 25, 2016

Country Living

  I don't even know where to start... It seems that we have dived into full fledged hobby farming. After living in the city so long it has been a wonderful change ever since we moved to the country, last September. We started out inheriting chickens. Black Australorps. They have been great fun. They are quiet, they don't run away, and they lay wonderful eggs every day. (Once you have farm fresh eggs, there is no going back.) Next, we got kittens. They are great pets, and give us a lot of laughs with the silly things they do. They are also great mousers, and pretty much eliminated our mouse problem. They even take on rats. Fierce kitties. =) After that, we got pigs. Again, hilarious animals. Pigs are not my favorite, but they do make me laugh. They are named, Bacon, Pork chop, Sausage, and Babe. As you may guess, Babe is going to have more babies for us. Last, but not least, we got three beautiful, sleek, Angus Heifers. They have big brown eyes, and are finally starting to let us pet them. They love Cory, and wait at the fence for him. If he doesn't give them immediate attention, they'll start mooing louder and louder till he comes. Funny cows. We all love it here on the farm. The space, the wide fields of green grass, the sunsets and sunrises, the wide open space and fresh air, the big white  barn with the amazing haymow, and the pretty house, filled with big windows. 
  We added a huge garden to our work list this summer, and so the past couple weeks have been very busy ones, freezing and canning vegetables and pickling brussel sprouts and cucumbers. It's good productive work, though and rewarding. Its been good for the kids too, learning about animals, learning responsibility, and helping out with the work. They are enjoying every minute of it, and growing healthier and stronger.