Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Kids...

We were sitting in the car and Carter said, "Mommy there's a bug on my window!"
 "Ooooooh", I replied, "look at his little legs and up really close you can even see his buggy eyes. Bugs are so interesting!"
  I heard a loud bop, and then Carter said, "Mommy, I scared him away, and it was interesting, it was."
   Yup, he's getting to be more like his Daddy all the time.

The other week Cory was scolding Kaely for getting the remote. She stopped, looked at him, and extended her lower lip and started making hurt indignant noises. Cory told her again to put it down, and she gave him a full faced glare. Then she threw it on the floor. It was very dramatic, but it got even better. She pointed her little chubby finger at Cory and let out a string of angry indignant babbles, shaking her finger the whole time. then she burst into tears. I was laughing so hard I almost had to leave the room, because when Cory tried to comfort her she would turn her head away, quick as a flash and push at him with her little rebellious paw. Maybe it shouldn't have been so funny, but I never saw such a tiny person make her indignant feelings so very obvious without even being able to talk.

  Then there's Kendra, I made cookies Saturday night for Sunday and set them out to cool on the counter overnight. Big mistake! When I got up in the morning they were gone. Having a suspicion, I ventured upstairs to Kendra's room. Then the whole story came out. She had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and discovered the cookies. She brought the entire plate of  about a dozen cookies up to her room feeling benevolent, she woke Carter up. They proceeded to have a tea party at Kendra's little table with all Kendra's little dishes,  and yes, they ate the entire plate of cookies up. I found the remains of their midnight party. Now I had the choice to get mad, and have a consequence for the kids, or.....a memory popped into my mind of some of my own childhood excursions in the dead of night and some midnight snacks my cousins and I partook of....all in all I figured the tummy aches they were suffering from was punishment enough, and I had a serious talk with them about taking what isn't yours and being greedy. Deep down inside though, I think I completely understood what a wonderful adventure it had been to their little minds. I'm glad they had it.